FYP Innovation Award

It seems to  be a pretty cool summary to my undergraduate study.  I would like to take this opportunity to give BIG THANKS to my supervisor Prof Teo Yong Meng and Dr Marian Mihailescu.

I won’t say this FYP is a hard journey since it does not challenge me too much (compared to Huntville) , but it still takes a huge amount of efforts to reach where we are now.  What I do is to rework the SkyBoxz prototype with better engineering design and get it work as expected.  There is a LOT of scolding along the way but it turns out to be a good motivation for me to deliver something awesome. There are many times when I want to get rid of this project because I am scared by the enormous amount of details to handle, especially related to web programming.  But I went through it and make my delivery.

 ” It simply works and I wrote every single line of code for what you see right now”.

This is the proudest moment when I made the presentation yesterday. And it is a game changer in my way.

There had been a few review sessions between Prof Teo and me, each one tooks hours to finish. I did not appreciate it at the very beginning but eventually the slides indeed moved to the right direction.  I always prevail in the discussion with Meii on her slides but cannot make it on my own :-D  Sounds hilarious.

Anyway, let’s finish STRONG.



一直打算去CDMP,所以也没有想太多,拿了好多数学课,也就慢慢觉得应该顺其自然走以前偶然看到的路,虽然我持续性怀疑这个东西的重要性,并且一直相信这个东西不是那么的重要,就像在上上篇blog里面写的那样,planning is guessing,计划即猜测,计划可以改变,现实不可以改变。



学了好多可以用来做决定的算法( decision making methodology) ,可我却不能写个程序放在我的身上去执行。